Key Staff

ResearchFirst is uniquely positioned to draw industry expertise from all parts of the United States. We have an extensive list of contract employees that we call upon for specific projects. These people include former Manager, Director and Vice President level employees from all of the major telcos. It allows us to match project needs with expertise in such areas as product marketing, engineering, network, sales, operations, training, analysis and many others.

Ellis Hill

Research, seminars, association management, and general consulting

8 Mockingbird Lane
Gulfport, MS 39507
Phone: 228-207-3216
Mobile: 205-995-8866
Fax: 205-278-5357

Anna Gibson
Vice President, Sales/Care Channels

Seminars, association management, and general consulting

1644 W Amberwood Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85045
Phone: 480-283-0495
Mobile: 602-670-5469

Stan Romero
Vice President, Broadband

Research, association management, and general consulting 

4963 Rutland Gate
Sarasota, FL 34235
Mobile: 205-960-5254
Landline: 205-403-0690